Breakout<sup>®</sup> 114

Breakout® 114

Aprašas ir techniniai duomenys

The all-new Breakout® model takes the idea of long, lean, asphalt-devouring muscle to the modern edge. The new smaller tank lets the Milwaukee-Eight® engine stand out like a flexing bicep. The 240mm rear tire looks like it was born to leave a fat patch on the pavement. The all-new suspension lets you put maximum power to the street. And you’ll feel the difference the 30-pound weight reduction makes the instant you twist the throttle. You also get more lean angle and agility than you ever imagined in a bike carrying this much dragster attitude and style. Unleash it at your favorite stoplight. Leave them all wondering what just went by.

Available in 107 and 114 engine displacements.


Sėdynės aukštis:665mm
Degalų bako talpa:13.2l
Svoris be degalų:294.0kg

Jėgos pavara:

Variklis:Milwaukee-Eight™ 114
Darbinis tūris:1868cc
Variklio sukimo momentas:155Nm / 3000rpm

Ratai / Padangos

Priekinė:21" Gloss black, Gasser II cast aluminum / 130/60B21,63H,BW
Galinė:18" Gloss black, Gasser II cast aluminum / 240/40R18,79V,BW

Galimos spalvos

Black Tempest, Legend Blue Denim, Silver Fortune, Twisted Cherry, Vivid Black