Fat Boy<sup>®</sup> Special

Fat Boy® Special

Aprašas ir techniniai duomenys

Start with a motorcycle loaded with custom detail, then slam the suspension. It makes the overall look longer, meaner and more eye-popping than ever. That’s the idea behind the Fat Boy® Special. The low seat also puts you close to the road, to keep the riding easy. As if all that wasn’t enough, you’ve got a black headlight nacelle and solid disc wheels coated in black and drilled through with 50 caliber holes. This is the standard for low motorcycles to live up to.


Sėdynės aukštis:660mm
Degalų bako talpa:18.9l
Svoris be degalų:320.0kg

Jėgos pavara:

Variklis:Air-Cooled, High Output Twin Cam 103B™
Darbinis tūris:1690cc
Variklio sukimo momentas:126Nm / 3000rpm

Ratai / Padangos

Priekinė:Black, Bullet Hole Disc Cast Aluminum / 17" / Dunlop® D408F 140
Galinė:Black, Bullet Hole Disc Cast Aluminum / 17" / Dunlop® D407 200

Galimos spalvos

Black Denim, Charcoal Denim, Crushed Ice Denim, Red Iron Denim, Vivid Black